"JumpIT" is a matching platform combining engineers looking for a job with companies which are eager to recruit engineers.

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Companies will contact you from January in 2018.

  • 1:Entry
    Please register your personal data. You can also register with your facebook and google account. Your future will start from here.
  • 2:Skill Check
    Please take all your experienced "IT Assessment" out of 20 kinds of test on. Your skill will attract companies.
  • 3:Recommendation and scout
    Advisers recommend companies to you according to your skill. Companies will contact you when they are interested in you.
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Reward 100,000 Japanese Yenwill be given if you accepted offer from companies.


  • 1:Entry is Free and easy
    You can entry easily. And it's free of charge.
  • 2:Famous IT companies
    Most of companies registered with JumpIT are one of the famous companies in Japan.
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