Terms of Service

This Terms of Service set forth terms and condition of “JumpIT” (herein after referred as “This Service”), and also set forth rights and obligations between NEO CAREER Co., LTD (herein after referred as “NC”) and user. You should carefully read this Terms of Service and agree to this Terms of service before you start using This Service.

ARTICLE 1. Member

  1. JumpIT account holder (herein after referred as “Member”) means user who registered information specified by NC (herein after referred as “Registered Information”) and received approval from NC.
  2. Member is fully responsible for personal information, Registered Information and other information entered for registration.
  3. NC shall reject application of registration from user if NC considers it is inadequate to accept it, and NC shall take no responsibility and hold no accountability on rejection of registration.
  4. Member deemed acknowledged receiving scout email from registered company when process of section 1 is completed.
  5. NC shall modify or remove Registered Information without prior notice to Member if NC considers Member breached this Terms and Service.
  6. Member shall be responsible for administrating ID and Password issued by NC. Member shall not assign or lend ID and Password to a third party, or let third party login This Service by using Member’s ID and Password.
  7. Member should immediately make notification to NC if there is any change on Registration Information.

ARTICLE 2. Bonus

NC shall pay 100,000 Japanese Yen as bonus for Member if Member notifies that he/she received official job offer from registered company; provided, however, that, Member receives bonus at the end of the following month of joining registered company from which member received official job offer, and bonus shall be transferred to Japanese local bank account designated by Member in Japanese Yen.

ARTICLE 3. Suspension and Modification of Service

  1. NC shall modify or temporarily suspend This Service without prior notice to users.
  2. NC shall suspend or terminate This Service by providing one (1) month prior notice to users.

ARTICLE 4. Prohibition

User shall not perform any of the following:

  • (1)To register false information or information of third person.
  • (2)To breach intellectual property rights such as copyright, privacy or other rights of NC or third party.
  • (3)To discriminate, criticize, assault or slander NC or third party.
  • (4)To obstruct business of NC or third party.
  • (5)Violent behavior or other behavior similar to this.
  • (6)Other behaviors to give disadvantage to NC or third party.
  • (7)To use This Service for the purpose of making profit.
  • (8)Political activity, election campaign, religious activity or other activities similar to this.
  • (9)Violation of law, criminal offence or violation of public order and morality.
  • (10)Other activities that NC considers to be inadequate.

ARTICLE 5. Responsibility of NC

  1. NC shall not be liable for damage incurred to user or third party by using This Service unless otherwise damage incurred as a result of intentional act or gross negligence of NC; provided, however, that liability of NC shall be limited to direct and normal damage and in no instance shall NC be liable for special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages of any kind.
  2. In no event shall NC be liable if damage incurred by; (1)virus which cannot be prevented by normal Anti-virus measures, (2)act of God, (3)system failure regardless of preventive measures, (4)other events that occurred without NC fault.
  3. Information provided by third party in This Service shall be provided at responsibility of third party, so user acknowledges that NC shall in no event guarantee contents of provided information and use information at their own risk.
  4. In no event shall NC be liable for transaction, communication and/or conflicts between a user and another user or a third party.
  5. In no event shall NC guarantee assurance of user to be hired by someone with This Service.

ARTICLE 6. Use of Registration Information

  1. Registration Information entered by Member for registration shall be used; (1)NC to provide Member service for our Member in This Service and personal verification, (2)Member to provide their personal information (Member apply for job offer or seminar) to registered company that provide job offer or other information in This Service when Member wish to apply.
  2. Member deemed acknowledged to receive email from NC and email from registered company when Member registration is completed.
  3. NC shall send email on various survey related to recruitment and survey requested by registered company.

ARTICLE 7. Privacy

  1. NC shall value and respect privacy of user who use This Service, and shall pay utmost attention to administrate personal information of Member. NC shall treat personal information of Member pursuant to “Privacy Policy” set forth separately.
  2. NC shall treat Registration Information and other information of recruitment activity (herein after referred as “Activity Information”) of Member strictly and properly as confidential, and NC shall not disclose them to third party without the prior consent of Member.
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions in the preceding paragraph, NC shall provide information on events, company orientation, job offer advertisement organized by certain company or NC, or other various information to Member by browsing or using Registration Information and Activity Information at NC’s discretion or by request from certain company.
  4. NC shall create statistical data, attribute information or other materials similar to these in a way individual cannot be identified, by aggregating/analyzing Registration Information and Activity Information, and NC shall use created statistical data, attribute information or other materials similar to these without restriction. This use includes but not limited to various proposal to company (including but not limited to proposal for the purpose of providing support to set recruitment policy or to define requirements for human resources etc.), various reports, market research, study and development of new service for This Service and NC.
  5. In case Member uses other services such as new service of This Service and the service use personal information, NC shall transfer personal information of Member to the service within a range of Member’s acknowledgement for use of personal information in the service so that Member can use the service.
  6. NC may subcontract all or part of This Service to third party, and Member acknowledges this.

ARTICLE 8. Disclaimer on Provision to a Third Party

NC shall take no liability when third party acquire personal information under any of the following cases;

  • (1)Member personally provide and disclose personal information to a certain party who make job offer by using This Service.
  • (2)Person is identified coincidentally by information that Member provided in This Service.
  • (3)Member provide personal information at external website which is linked from This Service, and his/her personal information is used.
  • (4)Person other than Member acquire ID and Password issued to Member regardless of the reasons attribute to NC.

ARTICLE 9. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. NC holds all intellectual properties of contents contained in This Service, and protected by Copyright Act, Trademark Act and Design Act.
  2. NC may reprint content such as opinion and information that Member posted on This Service to information magazine issued by NC, work on magazine and/or website without the prior consent of Member.

ARTICLE 10. Withdrawal

  • Member may withdraw from This Service pursuant to provisions set forth by NC separately.
  • NC may remove from Member or suspend use of This Service temporarily without prior notice to Member if NC considers Member breaches this Terms of Service.

ARTICLE 11. Change of Terms

  • NC may change this Terms of Service at any time.
  • NC shall notify Member if this Terms of Service is changed. Member deemed acknowledged change of this Terms of Service if Member uses This Service after receiving notice of change from NC, or Member takes no withdrawal action within certain period set forth by NC.

ARTICLE 12. Assignment

Member shall not assign, transfer, create security interest, or other manner to dispose status of this Terms and Service, or rights or obligations granted by this Terms and Service to any third party without the prior written consent of NC.

ARTICLE 13. Severability

In the event that any of this Terms and Service proves to be invalid or unenforceable by Consumer Contract Law or other relevant law, that will not in any way affect, impair or invalidate any other provision, and all other provisions of this Terms and Service will be in full force and effect.

ARTICLE 14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Japan.
  • Any dispute arising out of this agreement or any individual contract hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.